Regularity Compliance

Strategic Asset Management

Property owners are now emerging from survival mode and searching for opportunities. 

One of the first steps is evaluation and gaining a better understanding of their existing portfolios, to make the best of what they’ve got – given constraints on availability of finance.  Typically the portfolios are older, B grade and ripe for opportunity.

Strategic Asset Planning provides short, medium and long term views on minimising cost, managing risk and maximising returns through continued due diligence.

There is a positive trend towards this approach starting with understanding baseline data in terms of condition, performance and environmental and regulatory compliance in such a way that is cost effective, meaningful, useable and enduring.  It is vital to know what data needs to be collected and how it should be best used and managed for maximum effect. Continue reading

New Disability Access Standards – Effective 1 May 2011

The purpose of the Premises Standards (and corresponding changes to the Building Code of Australia and State / Territory Building Law) is: 

  • To ensure that dignified, equitable, cost-effective and reasonably achievable access to buildings, and facilities and services within buildings, is provided for people with disability, and
  • To give certainty to building certifiers, developers and managers that if standards are complied with they cannot be subject to a successful complaint under the DDA in relation to those matters covered by the Premises Standards.

1.  General Application

The Premises Standards will apply to all new buildings and to extensions or additions to existing buildings.

In most circumstances it will also be necessary to provide an accessible path of travel from the principal public entrance to the new or modified part of an existing building.

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