Property Reinstatement Cost Assessments – Are your property assets correctly insured ?

Construction costs are subject to constant change, so if you are insured are you confident that you are not either under or over insured in a changing cost market?

Quantity Surveyors are the only construction cost trained professionals that can make sure your assets have the appropriate insurance replacement cost cover.

A Quantity Surveyors purpose is to predict and manage construction costs. They are specifically trained to do so and they don’t value, they don’t build, they don’t design, they don’t buy and sell property. They are independent and professional consultants.

So here’s a quick list of Property Reinstatement Cost Assessments do’s and don’ts :


  • Make sure you’re not under or over insured
  • Include all relevant costs in your insurance
  • Estimate costs based on current market rates
  • Escalate costs going forward appropriately
  • Consider the time involved to demolish, re-plan and re-build
  • Include costs for professional fees for re-design
  • Consider cost not ‘value’
  • Assume nothing, as risk is risk, and risk management is good
  • Be nice to your family and friends when they ‘offer you construction advice’


  • Don’t forget to contact us to assist you

Napier & Blakeley’s Quantity Surveyors prepare reinstatement cost assessments for billions of dollars worth of properties every year, including many of the largest property portfolios and our knowledge and experience in this area is second to none.

So call us today to make sure your property insurance needs are covered.


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