Technical Due Diligence

Our Transaction & Asset Advisory professionals cover the core disciplines involved in the physical analysis of cost, risk and return of property acquisition, ownership and disposal.

We align our clients’ thoughts with our own and provide user friendly, accurate, meaningful and timely advice that is oriented to the commercial imperatives that actually matter.

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Features and Benefits of Technical Due Diligence


  • Identification of condition/compliance risks and opportunities
  • Identification of immediate needs from deferred maintenance
  • Identification of deal breakers and a tool for negotiations
  • Responsible Entity compliance
  • Independent third party endorsement


  • Identification of capital expenditure that may require financing
  • Identification of risks of rental abatement and associated rectification expenditure


  • Identification of deficiencies, which may be rectified as part of preparation for sale
  • Report prepared by an independent party can be assigned to a purchaser
  • Reduces the due diligence period and negotiation on price
  • Increases transparency

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