Financiers Reports

Financiers Reports – Are you getting what you really need?

Financier and developers, will often shop around to get the cheapest quote in an effort to shave a few hundred dollars off the cost of their reports. The question that remains is: Should they prioritise financial savings, or a quality level of reporting?


Developers often see financiers reports (risk assessments during the construction period of a development) as a necessary evil to get their hands on the financiers cash, so the cheaper the better. However where the drive is towards controlling of costs to maximise return, the saving in a financiers report could leave them exposed to the risk of far greater costs during the life of the project.


Paul Cosker, Manager, Quantity Surveying at Napier and Blakeley says that a well thought-out financier report will provide commentary on the project. However, in order to achieve that, the developer should sometimes be prepared to pay a little extra for a thorough review at the outset.


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