Quantity Surveying

Where next for the Development Markets ?

Over the past few years, the Australian development market has been severely hit by the credit crisis by the reduction in primary lenders and also the remaining banks appetite (or sometimes lack of it) to fund anything that they deem to be “risky”.

“Risky” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last few years and as we’ve talked about before you could have the best site in town, with an award winning design and 100% pre sales – but this in some instances still proved too risky for the banks in an uncertain market going forward.

To be fair to the banks, we are seeing increased lending activity in some sectors of the market, generally not large builds but certainly in the up to $20m market and more recently to a limited extent in the $20m to $100m sector with some isolated builds over $100m, so some of the banks, at least seem to have a developing appetite for deals.

A significant issue raised by a number of banks, is the quantum and quality of equity being put forward by developers with lenders wanting to see “real dollars” as a means of mitigating their risk further. Continue reading

If you’re not properly insured … then it will be a real disaster

Damage to property and buildings by fire and other disasters, natural or otherwise, costs Australians hundreds of millions of dollars every year. In the last year this has been even more defined by the recent floods in Queensland and Victoria.

Notwithstanding the substantial number of properties that suffered as a result of the recent floods, the most common building disaster in Australia is fire, so it is important to be prepared. Luckily we have only had one earthquake in recent history and although the chances of these occurrences are low, the devastation they can do has been clearly seen in Christchurch. Continue reading

Queensland Emergency Operations Centre

Napier & Blakeley are just completing their role as Quantity Surveyors on the new QEOC building at Kedron Park in Brisbane. 

This world-class communications centre, the largest emergency operations centre in the southern hemisphere, enables best practice strategic response and planning for daily emergencies and incidents and coordinated disaster management for the Queensland Government. 

The building was centre of attention in the recent South East Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi as it became the broadcast facility for regular bulletins by State Premier Anna Bligh and Prime Minister Julia Gillard.  Continue reading

Managing Cost & Risk

Renowned for their expertise in Property Development and Infrastructure Consultancy, Napier & Blakeley, an independent project certifier, delivered exceptional service while on the Oracle project, Queensland.

This project required highly skilled technical knowledge and a team of 4 – 5 professionals working collectively to provide well rounded solutions in all facets of quantity surveying, property depreciation services, property insurance reinstatement cost assessment and syncing of fund budgets and financiers reporting.

Ready results to overcome obstacles, was dealt swiftly by the team of Napier & Blakeley.  Reporting to a syndicate of multiple financiers and stake holders and monitoring all aspects of cost on a project of this size and nature may be daunting to some but to Napier & Blakeley this was dealt with finesse, professionalism and efficiency.  Maintaining their independence and working relationships with the three major key stake holders Grocon, Niecon and financiers required exceptional communication and complex relationship skills; Napier & Blakeley were able to skilfully furnish these abilities effortlessly.

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